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in the united states. but then on wednesday, i saw a thing where bain capital closing down its plant in illinois. ann romney is a reserved shareholder of the bain capital. how is the -- and romney is a reserved shareholder and bain capital. host: let us limit tomorrow humor. this is from last night. instead of a being from the al smith dinner, an appearance by president obama on comedy central's the daily show with john stuart. [video clip] >> how many times a week does he show up in a wet bathing suit to a meeting? >> we had to stop it. we have to put tiles down. but i have to say, he looks pretty good. >host: that is president obama n comedy central with jon storage. he also made comments about libya. we will look at where the candidates stand on foreign policy, foreign affairs and campaign 2012. for now, we are looking at humor. and what role you think plays. does it help or the track to the image you have of him? kentucky, on our line for independents. caller: my comment is but i do not really care for it. i think it just cheapens the issues. they are very serious to people out your sufferin
for united states citizens first. >> as double of the mexico i ran a completely out of the political system, i got elected republican governor and state that was 2-1 democrat and made a name for myself of vetoing legislation. i'd be done more legislation than the other 49 governors in the country combined. i b to add 750 bills, and thousands of line item vetoes, it made a difference when it can to billions of dollars worth of spending, it made a difference when it came to laws that would have told you are by what i could or couldn't do in the bedroom. host: here johnson reports that he will appear on the ballot in 48 states including some of battlegrounds. and in colorado, new hampshire and an ohio -- johnson could be a thorn in romney side if the election is close. and in virginia, virgil goode could be a problem for gov. romney in that state as well. here is more from a third-party presidential debate. with the other candidates. [video clip] >> there are 90 million voters who are not coming out to vote in this election. that is one out of every two of voters, twice as many as the number w
. that was the recommendation in the oval office to the president of united states of america. i sat there. i am sure you will find someone who disagrees with the pentagon. i am positive you will find that within the military. that is not the case here. host: does one of the several clips we will show you during the first 45 minutes. but your thoughts on the roles of the moderator. let us start with a tweet. he says -- in both debates but moderators acted as a big lead democrats are good and republicans can sometimes be good, maybe. here is a call on the democrat's line. from texas, arleen. caller: the first one was not so good. the lady thursday night i think was good, but she was more on foreign policy -- i wished there would have been more on the economy and jobs. that is what you are looking for? caller: yes. and i think joe biden did a great job. host: what about martha raddatz 's style? caller: they did not go overboard. like the first debate. she kind of maintained it very well. host: on our line for republicans, walter, from indiana. caller: good morning. i do not know what the first color was wa
distinguished guests with us i'd like to recognize. lieutenant brian kelly. the next united states senator from michigan. our soon to be representative in the 11th congressional district, county commissioner laura cox and the mayor and sheriff. before i introduce our special guests the great friend of michigan former first lady laura bush was not only a strong advocate for women's health issues but she's made a global awareness to the all the world women's health. she should be acknowledged for that. along with her very tender and soft voice for aids awareness on a global basis. she started in 2007 the laura bush institute for women's health. and with dignity on behalf of all of america was so supportive on that horrible day in september 2001. [applause] in a week, we in michigan are going to make history for america, aren't we? [applause] i was worried that you aren't fired up. are you fired up? [applause] well, these debates summed it up pretty well, didn't it? and the verdict is in barack obama cannot defend his first term. and you saw those debates which we saw three different barack obamas
because the majority of people in the united states are white. this is what i want the white democrats to realize. if you do not support president obama, it is going to be hard for african americans to come out and support another white democrat. the white democrats are not supporting statewide black politicians. that is the reason why no black democrats can get elected in the senate. look at florida. you best come out and support president obama because it will be hard to get blakcs out of [indiscernible] host: a comment from joe on twitter -- a headline from "the washington post" today -- one other story, this from "usa today" this morning. we want to hear what is driving your votes with just 12 days to go before the election. charlie from virginia on the independence lin t line. caller: i will be supporting the libertarian candidate gary johnson. the only candidate who can turn this country around. he wants to stop intervening in all these wars and balance the budget now. our government is broke. yeah, everyone should check out gary johnson. he is a libertarian and running for presi
. because of man-made warming, the united states is in an era of extreme weather events. that is with usa today has to say. contrast that with the washington times editorial page. franken storm. it was not caused the industrial revolution. a 2010 study by the national hurricane system predicted global warming would decrease the number of tropical storms by as much as 1 1/3. two opposing views for you. return to all of you. outside of washington, we want to -- we will stay inside washington for this first call. caller: think you so much. the leadership and our country is acting with incredible shocking responsibility, with co2 levels that are clearly affecting the climate. and it is also surprising that the democratic campaign has not pushed that mitt romney is saying he will approve the keystone pipeline on its first day in office. this is the dirtiest form of petroleum. it seems to have an alberta pipeline from alberta to texas. we are not getting off of our addiction it to oil. it causes cancers and other diseases. there will continue exploring for oil offshore, in the gulf, and that is
the stock market -- it seems like big businesses or whatever, instead of the people of the united states -- really helping us. i could go on on all different issues to be honest, but the reality is how do we solve this to really help all of us, not just businesses or shareholders? guest: this is a valid concern. it is true that over the past three years that the stock market began, the stock market is up a lot and corporate balance sheets are in good shape. their stock prices are not quite get to where they were, but they are getting back their month-by- month. things are much harder for ordinary workers. median wages, those in the middle of the income distribution, those have been falling. they are down below 1997 levels when adjusted for inflation. so, there is no question that this recovery has happened more dramatically and decisively on the corporate side of the larger than for ordinary americans. whoever wins this election in a couple of weeks, one of the fundamental challenges they will face in the next four years, will be how to make sure this recovery goes beyond large, the comp
. i would like to know, how many blacks are there in the united states that have been to byu university in utah that have any type of position set up with the mormon church. [unintelligible] set up a place where they are trying to tell people that the latter-day saints came from christ and saying that we are not capable of going anywhere, doing whatever we wanted. host: ok, we are talking about foreign policy and what you think the candidates should be asked tonight. we are looking at a live shot of where the debate will take place, lynn university. you can see the preparations have been under way desperately to get everything set up. the university is in florida, founded back in 1962. boca raton is halfway between palm beach and fort lauderdale, florida. that is our c-span crew there, with a live shot of the debate hall, where things will be happening tonight. the performing arts center was just dedicated in the spring. you can catch everything at our debate hub and check things out there now if you would like to look at moments of previous debates or catch some of the excer
, there are thousands of millions of people in the united states and these polls are taken only by 100 to 200 people. it does not represent everybody in the united states. obama did very well. i hope you understand that mitt romney lies and continues to live. when obama was leading, they were upset. now mitt romney, the people voting for him are happy. they say he is being disrespectful? they do not like it and they find something bad to say about it. the way that they characterize the obama, talking about him so bad, is very disrespectful. they always this respect the president and it has to stop. host: not trusting the polls out there, julie. one of the biggest names in polling is gallup, the swing state poll is out on the front page of today's "usa today." host: that poll was in the field october 5 thru october 11. you can read more of those results in today's "usa today." for lauderdale, florida. tom, welcome to the "washington journal." caller: thank you for having me. i think that the debates are having a tremendous impact on the race, because president obama does not do very well when someone
. this country better wake up. i appreciate you taking my call and i love the united states of america, but we need better leadership. we need good people to pray for god to lead us in the right direction. host: we have plano, texas with brian, a democrat. caller: good morning. as far as the vice-presidential selection, i have been known to vote republican in the past. as soon as they chose paul ryan, i said, there's no way. far too radical. i don't think a lot of people stop and think. their parents are part of this election. if you elect someone into the white house and give them control of congress, to be able to turn medicare into a voucher program, the effect that it's going to have downrange is horrible. i want to make another point. i am so tired of hearing the president had the congress for the first two years of his term. that is 100% incorrect. people need to educate themselves on how congress works. he had 60 votes until august when tent kennedy died. -- ted kennedy. then he had 59. a special election seat was triggered, the election with scott brown, that gave the republicans 41. t
the truth, tell us what he really thinks about the policies of the united states, and not say one thing today and change it tomorrow. mr. oliver north, i want people to know that he was a colonel in the marine corps who instigated the iran contra war. he lost the war there in direct opposition to what congress had said we were supposed to do. drugs in this country support the war because congress would not approve the money. we have a big lie. this is how romney is going after this election, they cannot win any other way. the american people have to wake up and realize this man is -- this man is a liar. host: chris from alabama rights in -- -- writes in. host: we want to show you more from the speech. mitt romney will say -- host: we have a couple of minutes left on this first segment of "the washington journal" before we start discussing the battery and state of ohio. arlington, virginia, republican line. caller: good morning. thank you very much for c-span, as always. first of all, the 7.8% unemployment number, we were over 8% for the entire tenure of this president, and now just befo
won the state, he would have become president of the united states. -- if al gore had won the state, he would have become president of the united states. we're looking at each county. they are figuring out where these people need to go. that is why it is very strategic. when you hear the presently and in new hampshire and land in the last -- nashua, he is there for a strategic regiason. there's a lot of science and pulling in very strategic. again, we have had a lot of candidates here for the primary. we have had a lot of exposure to them. certainly voters here are knowledgeable about who these people are after going through a primary, and the different debates that go on. you, sir.xecutivehost: thank our conversation continues looking at the state of new hampshire as a battleground state. up next, kathy sullivan after that, jim merrill. first, a news update from c-span radio. >> more on new hampshire this out. emily friedman reports that mitt romney will hold his final campaign rally in new hampshire, the very state in which he launched his bid for the white house 16 months ago. th
-- getting to the united states should work cooperatively with mexico to help the mexican government solve this problem, stop the violence, and stop the drug lords terrorize and some of the innocent citizens. >> the texas senate seat held by retiring senator kay bailey hutchison is one of the key races you can watch on c-span, c-span radio, and /campaign2012. >> now, several perspectives on the presidential campaign in the battleground state of pennsylvania from ""washington journal." this is an hour and 20 minutes. >> "washington journal" -- we are focusing on key battleground states in campaign 2012. today the spotlight is the keystone state, pennsylvania. joining us from harrisburg is terry madonna, with the center politics at franklin and marshall college. thank you for being with us. guest: good morning. host: let me begin with a broad overview of the political geography of pennsylvania, the comparison between east and west. guest: first of all, like any battleground state, you have large parts are ready, large parts that are blue. if you take a look at the western part of
on the weekend, book- tv and american history tv, we look at cities across the united states. our focus this time around is augusta, maine. not only do you get a sense of meeting the people and learning about individual cities and what makes them interesting, here is a little bit of a preview from tonight's program. [video clip] >> this is the first parish church in brunswick, maine. it is significant to the story of a uncle tom's cabin. in many ways, the story began here. it is here in pew #23 that harriet beecher stowe, by her account, saw the vision of uncle tom being whipped to to death. he is the title character, the hero of her 1852 novel," uncle tom's cabin." the story is that there is -- there was a slave, a good slave, sold by his first kind owner, mr. shelby, and he sold him to pay debts on his plantation through a series of misadventures, you might say, he ends up in the hands of a very unruly owner who is so irritated by him and his goodness that he whips him to death. this is the scene out of which the entire novel gross. harriet beecher stowe came from a group very religious family
any benefits after that. it affects them for life. it has not been studied in the united states due to the fda not being allowed to move on it. i have talked to my state representatives and have two members in kansas who are totally pro-legalization and no one else in this country is willing to talk about this strategy. guest: i heard he was a democrat from kansas, i did not realize that there were any. interesting. the thing is, sometimes it comes up in the past, congress talks about the kind of sentencing for cocaine, things like that, and studies of legalization, but nothing has been set in congress for either party. host: jessica, republican line. caller: i want to know about n.c. and what is going on with that. throwing it out there, what could we possibly do about the profiteering in the senate and the ties to wall that money. would it be possible to have the american people pay taxes? guest: i think she was referring to the gubernatorial race in north carolina. republicans have not won that race in a long time. but pat mccurry, as far as the money in politics, there seems to
of the united states needs when he walks in the door is someone who is drilling him about the decisions and choices that he has made. so there are definitely times when i may still something but i will hold back because i will know that he will either get to it on his own or it's just not time. host: that was last night on abc. looking at what ann romney is up to, she plans to post good morning america tomorrow morning. she is filling in. the show is also in talks to get michelle obama on the air. ann romney is in the battleground states of virginia. she greeted cancer survivors and campaign volunteers yesterday in chester. peter in sarasota, florida, on our independent line. we are talking about whether political spouses affect your vote. caller: absolutely not. and i am an independent for u.s. senate in florida. and i'me-in candidate, single with a mensa iq, and i'm the owner of two companies. geraldine ferraro was the best candidate running back years ago. vote for pete. host: let's go to our next call in hindsville, alabama, on our democrat line. good morning. no, they don't affect
incentives to those investing here in united states and creating jobs here. it means we are helping them and small businesses to export all around the world in new markets. number 2, we have got to make sure that we have the best education system in the world. the fact that you are going to college is great. but i want everyone to get a great education. we worked hard to mature but student loans are available for folks like you. i want to make sure that community colleges are offering slots for workers to get re trained for the jobs out there right now and in the future. host: this morning we are getting your reaction to last night's town hall debate. and right now during this segment we are talking to swing state voters only. and up next is surely in the troy on our support obama line. caller: hello. how're you? host: i am good. how are you? caller: i am ok. my mind was already made up. it was made up from 2008. i believe that human beings who seem to have the compassion and a concern for all, to make, is a true christian. president obama knows there are a lot of people you are not gett
to the united states is drugs coming across the border. and 30 more minutes and mitt romney would have been endorsing president obama. and just says the potus should poise in the class. and finally, bill says obama wins hands down. but i do not believe debates matter the most. mathieu in kentucky on our support mitt romney line. are you with us? please go ahead and make your comment. caller: i was calling to support mitt romney. i am in kentucky where we actually produce coal. i know we have been out here and we have lost jobs due to shipping coal and selling its overseas and everything. we are looking at over thousands of the men that are out of work here, that have taken money from our home state in the kentucky and virginia and west virginia. and i think that being able to produce our own energy here through the cold instead of forcing to take the jobs over what help us. host: are you involved in coal industry? caller: yes i am. host: what do you do? caller: underground coal mining. host: are you still working? caller: no, sir. >> that was mathew. thank you for your time. the huffington
on the democratic side is a minority that is worried about the rich? i just want to tphknow when is united states going to wake up and stop living off other people? host: tie this to the question then. trust in the government during natural disaster. do you think the government shouldn't have a role in responding? should it be privatized? caller: yes, it should be privatized. all means it should be privatized. host: why do you think the private sector would do a better job? caller: because three spend too much money, period. host: so, we run it more efficiently, less money spent? caller: the private sector is not in debt $16 trillion. the federal government is. tore up the road in front of my house three times in the last nine years. host: david from riverside a republican. inez, fort washington, michigan. democratic caller. go ahead. caller: i'm calling because one caller earlier he blamed president obama. i think that president obama is doing a wonderful job. i'm 71 years old and i have been through floods. my basement has flooded. i didn't blame anybody. i got out and did what i had to do. i d
that people in the united states do not understand the power that he has. he is an elected. he is responsible for answering to nobody. host: thank you for the call. we want to bring your attention to "the new york times." following the third and final debate that took place in broker tom, florida, this ad focusing on foreign policy issues from the romney campaign. [video clip] >> the president began an apology toward. going to various nations and criticizing america. the reason i call it an apology tour. you went to the middle east and flew to egypt, saudi arabia, turkey, and iraq. he skipped israel, our closest friend in the region. america has not dictated to other nations. we have three other nations from dictators. >> i am mitt romney, and i approve this message. host: the headline from the des moines register -- based on all of that, the editorial page endorsing mitt romney. joining us live on the fund is the editor of the newspaper. to look for being with us. -- thank you for being with us. white mitt romney? caller: as we pointed out, just like a lot of voters we explored and examined
of the four dead americans is at the doorstep of the president of the united states. these people, the democrats included are scum -- pleasant scum, but scum and never the less. host: on that note we want to share with the sub breaking news. it was 40 years ago that george mcgovern became the democratic nominee. this morning he passed away at the age of 90. a family spokesman from south dakota confirmed that he passed away. he is followed by his wife eleanor. from 2009 the oral history, george mcgovern talking about his 1972 campaign and his career in politics. [video clip] >> how did you defeat him? >> i outwork him for one thing. i went back and forth across this country without ceasing for almost two years. i announced in january of 1972, which up until that time had been the accepted time to announce, i knew coming from a little state like south dakota with three electoral votes, i had to halt work him to win the nomination. i announced in early 1971. it was regarded as a freakish thing to do. the press paid much -- no attention to me for the first eight or nine months. always
to take their jobs out of the united states. mr. romney says he has never heard of that law before. i think that is why the president looked so incredulous in terms of his response. there are incentives to take jobs out of the country. laypeople like me even know that. that is another part of him being disingenuous where he was way off the mark. host: any response to that? caller: the bible says this. if a nation will please got a, everything turns out right. all you have to do is please god. barack obama has not pleased god. he is involved in the homosexuality. he gave money for abortions. god and everything we have. he owns it all. he controls at all. all we have to do is please god and everything will turn out good. host: thank you for participating this morning. we appreciate it. lead editorial in "the washington times" -- now, in just a minute we are going to switch of the phone lines a little bit as we go. in just a minute we will change them. we will take two more calls. we will talk to linda from texas and carl from kansas. after that we want to hear from swing state voters on
. it is so much safer than uranium. the united states has the third largest supply of it in the world. i honestly believe that if the american people are told about this -- granted, it is new technology, so it has not been out there long time for people to know about it, but somebody has to bring it to the forefront. are you still with me? host: we are listening. caller: for 30 years, this company developed and protected this technology. it is 400% safer to operate. it operates at 375 degrees, not 1500. you cannot make a bomb out of it. it is such a core element that you cannot make a nuclear bomb out of it. even if someone were to bomb the plant, in order for the element must be --, so it would not operate. host: here's a story in the wall street journal -- another story about the debates season -- that the report from the wall street journal. we have asked you whether you would. want the presidential would. sparta,ar from edith in georgia on the democratic line. caller: yes, i will be watching it. i would not miss it. i am very engaged, politically. i must say, i don't think anything w
was to write a discriminatory policy over the course of history in the united states. but it has not been applied appropriately. it seems to me it would be more fair if it was applied based on your income level, so that i guess the whole purpose would be so that people can have social mobility. but if it is not applied to people who come from low-income homes who do not necessarily have the same opportunity that maybe people have in the middle class or upper class homes, i just don't think -- i think that creates bitterness from many people. i feel like -- i guess the main issue with affirmative action right now is it has had some unintended consequences. for instance, at a lot of universities, people of african descent, people who are immigrants from africa who have parents who came here who have higher education degrees -- doctors -- they are getting preference over african- americans in selection in schools. that i think is an unintended consequence, if it went across income levels it would be fixed. host: what is your name, caller? caller: kieran. i think affirmative action is a remed
set the stage for the next debate for the president of the united states. some of the points i would like ryan to remind people is that when you look at the obamacare that nancy pelosi has said let's pass it and we will read it later, i wonder if president obama read through the whole law. the state of the union address he says illegal aliens will not be covered under obamacare, but in the actual law it says they will be covered. i wonder if they did not have the tape about romney's statement on the 47%, what are their other talking points? remember that romney was the governor of massachusetts and 87% of the people in his state were democrats. so he is a man for all the people. he brought out the best from massachusetts. he is not a salesman. president obama is a better speaker ben mitt romney. host: ok, richard we will leave it there. there's a poll on the front page of the new york times -- those are likely voters in the battleground states. some other polls for you. this is also from the new york times in the paper this morning and the front page of the wall street journal -- it'
of the united states of a 43-year-old man. an african-american nominated to replace thurgood marshall. he was the man whose views whose views did not coincide with mine. we had a young woman who had stepped forward to testify, to bring certain facts forward to the public that were very stark and had attracted a lot of attention. later i was told that people were watching it around the world in different time zones. that this was something that they were riveted to. and people still are. so, was i surprised that there was this tremendous amount of attention and focus on the attention? nope. see host: that was senator arlen specter. this is from "usa today." host: as mentioned, senator arlen specter died yesterday. a funeral service has been announced at the heart of zion temple in penn valley, pa.. our question for you this morning is -- what do you need to decide your vote in campaign 2012? we are asking about this from our undecided voters, primarily. our last caller discussed third- party candidates. host: jack, sydney, montana, what information do you need to make your decision? caller
of hiring by big companies. you know, manhattan is a breadbasket of the united states as far as i'm concerned. host: we're going to leave it there, anderson, and move on to ron in pontiac, illinois, on our line for republicans. ron, you're one of the few guys who called in so far that's pessimistic about the economy. why is that? caller: well, the business channel, and what they're talking about going forward, primarily because of obamacare and dodd-frank, and the business uncertainty that's being created right now, is they're talking about a loss of six million jobs going into next year, and an unemployment rate of over 12%. now that's just the straight unemployment rate. that's not the unemployment rate that includes the part-timers and the people that are discouraged workers. that's just the real ones. so, what we're probably going to see, in my opinion, is romney is going to win the election with at least 53%. the stock market is going take off. and then when they realize the fiscal cliff is not going to be solved, then it's going to tank. it's going to have like a minus 700-p
. last week when the debate was with the president of the united states, president barack obama and governor mitt romney, mitt romney was very rude. he was rude to the president. he was rude to america. i am one of the 47%. i am 55 years old. i started working when i was 16. i got disabled eight years ago. when i was on disability, when i found out he could try to work, i tried to work for myers department store. unless the four days. my knees gave all on me. i used to be a mortgage broker. i tried to stand to be a cashier. it was awful. i felt awful. i felt like i could not contribute to my income. i could not contribute to help as a grandmother with my grandchildren, and to consider by a republican that i am a moocher, someone that wants to take advantage of the system, it is appalling. host: beth do you think president obama should have brought up the 47% issue at his debate? caller: yes, he should have, but he did not, and it is over. as far as the grinning and laughing, i feel the democrats are darned if they do, darned if they do not. mitt romney did the grinning. he cut p
overseas. this president has been a failure when it comes to making sure jobs stay in the united states and protecting us against currency manipulation. host: from iowa, mason city, independent. good morning. caller: there was a caller a few minutes ago from louisiana with a different guest talking about the campaign. basically, he said that they were laundering money coming from foreign countries going to the democrats. how come nobody is talking about the fiscal cliff? there was a two-hour special about that coming up. the lady about the military needs to be reminded about the cut in defense spending that will happen on january 1st. it's a very expensive one. host: do you have concerns about the fiscal cliff? caller: is scarce the daylights out of me. host: president obama said in the last debate he does not think it's going to happen. caller: they're trying to whitewash it. it's a really thin layer. host: a.j. spiker, your response. guest: the fiscal cliff is not only the biggest threat to the united states from an economic standpoint, a social values standpoint, but also the biggest
said when you have somebody of your own race you're proud of being president of the united states. i aplude collin for standing with him. that's when asked about his endorsement of president obama. he later backed off that the aserlings was based on race. that's in the "washington post" this morning. and one last tweet. viven writes in -- thanks for all of your calls. coming up on the show we'll look at the latest in campaign finances in campaign 2012. and later on our series on iowa. we'll be right back. >> all of our e-mail is stored on a server at google >>> and it's interesting we as a society have given our information out. >> we were looking into cyber and cyber security and cyber war. the pentagon had declared cyberspace the environment of people and machines and networks as a new do main of war. and yet, we realize that maybe one in a thousand people understood what cyberspace was and the degree and denth of vellner abilities and so what we're trying to do is take pieces of it and explain the fund meantles and the platonic idea is that everybody from my mom and dad to congres
in the united states. of the can talk about our autoworkers, teachers, and firefighters. there are a lot more people out there than that demographic. host: curtis hubbard? guest: it sounds like she is unaffiliated but not undecided. she has made a per mind in this election. host: what about the amount of money that is being spent in colorado by the presidential campaigns and also outside groups? guest: we have seen significant spending by both campaigns and their surrogates. wesleyan university did an analysis of television and ad spending in the denver media market and it led all in the country as far as television time and the cost of advertising. we have seen significant attention here in the presidential race and we have a congressional race during signet attention as well. host: here is a breakdown of the numbers. obama for america spent about $9 million on spots. aziz said the congressional races getting some attention as well. democratic caller. caller: mr. hubbard, who chose ashley mosier? so many people around this country are being shot. a lot of young kids, teenagers. why is no one
. -- polling. they're getting random people and not the whole united states. host: so you don't buy the idea that the gender gap is shrinking on both sides? caller: no. the reality is they are just what? tha host: as far as men or women supporting the candidates? caller: they are just throwing out a number. host: mary is calling from our independent line from virginia, an independent scholar. -- caller. caller: gender does not matter. it is the credentials. they are saying romney took jobs overseas. bain capital did that when romney was not even there. he was at the olympics. for the gentleman that said white men don't really care about black folks and what their needs are, obama has had the ability since taking office to open 7 million jobs and he prefers to protect illegal workers. so you tell me who's side he's on? it is certainly not blacks, whites, or anybody in this country illegally. 7 million jobs. it has nothing to do with comprehensive immigration reform. we have laws in this country right now that say you cannot work here illegally. all obama has to do is enforce the laws. host: a
as celebrities, more so than people who are concerned with the welfare of the united states population. host: thank you, cynthia. this is from the kentucky newspaper -- about the upcoming prevent a debate in the kentucky. hosting the october 11 presidential debate could cost about $3.3 million says the newspaper through the --. the college and public and not expected to pay most of it. separately, the college is paying for construction of facilities needed by the campaigns and the news media. hopes to recoup most of the cost of by billing them. for instance, news organizations up to pay $40 for one desk place by electricity board -- or $1,900 for a television parking space. $12 for tears but have padding, or $10 without. and about the financing of the debate. the presidential debates are actually caused a bit more than that $3.3 million because of the additional security. next is a call from joann, from florida, an independent. good morning. caller: good morning. i think the role of government should be exactly what the constitution states. no ifs and no buts. and anyone who is
in the united states. we cannot assume that young person has had the opportunity to discuss those issues and get registered to vote in my high- school. host: ted joins us from indiana, on our independent color line. are you with us? virginia,n to west democrat line. caller: this is arthur. the corporations are driving the media and that is where we are getting our information from. i have two small kids, one is 1- year-old and the other is four years old. my income is $14,000 per year and don't use food stamps. i hope that this country starts seeing that we don't need to be republican or democrat. we need to be americans. most importantly, you have to look at the president about when he uses a veto and signs laws. he can only sign into law was put in front of him through the congress and the senate and that is where i feel all the problems are at with the donations to campaigns, for the corporations. if you look at wal-mart, they have their factories in china and they pay 13 cents per hour. that same item is broader to america and costs 23 cents and sold for $14.95. where are the americans gaini
president of the united states. she is the mother of three and a resident of ohio. she is more than a voter in the biggest battleground state. she is undecided about whom to support. although most of her friends have made up their minds, i just do not know yet. she and her fellow undecideds are the most precious commodity in american politics. the obama and romney campaigns are courting them on an historic scale. let's take a look at one of the ad on the airwaves right now. this one is obama for america. you made $20 million last year and you paid 30% and capital taxes. is that fair to the guy who makes $50,000 end had a higher rate? host: we are asking you have affected you think political ads are. before th you could join that conversation on facebook by looking for cspan. let's watch a romney for president ed -- ad- >> even the obama campaign admitted it was not true. >> it will be near $5 trillion dollars. >> obama plan -- $4 trillion more in taxes of the middle class. host: the romney campaign ad. let's go to the falcons from deerfield beach, fla. on our democrats line. how effective d
went to the united states federal academy for knowledge on at john mccain. i did not like what he stood for personally. i like the idea of hope and change. i really hoped it would come through. my concern is this -- i think both candidates -- [indiscernible] both campaigns. people talk about romney flip- floping, but i do not see it that way. i think he is consistent. the things that mean the most to me, god, family, individual rights. people say he does not have that. his economic plan, the thing that he said is that he would allow deductions. that is unusual. i have never heard that before. no one seems to be listening to what he says. host: let's get s.e. cupp to respond. guest: it is fair to say most of the flip-floping romney has done has been on social issues, abortion, guns, gay marriage -- well, not gay marriage, but some of his social issues and not his economic issues. that is probably because his economic policy is informed by his experience as a businessman, and i am not sure that has really wavered or that he has had to make political answers for his economic policies and t
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